Sts. Peter and Paul Chapel

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use our own Minister?

Yes. The Chapel does not have a chaplain or minister so you will have to provide for your own. We have a list of officiants, musicians and other venders who are familiar with the chapel that you may choose to contact if you do not have your own.

How long is the center aisle?

The aisle is 45' 8" from the first step on the alter to the carpet edge in the vestibule.

How Many Pews?

There are 24 pews.

Do you have a Sound System?

No. We have the lectern with a built in speaker and amplifier that was used for readings etc. when the church closed in 1996. The chapel has very good acoustics.

Do you have a piano?

No. We have the organ used in the church when it closed that you may use. You may bring in a piano, Keyboard or other music sources.